About Us

Jewelry designer, Taya Koschnick comes from a long line of artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs. Taya grew up in Oberlin, where she was raised by her dad, a puppeteer, and her mom, a jeweler, metal smith, and small business owner.
When Taya was 14, her mom married Ebrima Sillah, a third-generation bead and textile trader from The Gambia. Ebrima connects Taya to beads and bead dealers from all around the world.
Taya started TASI designs in 2008 with her sister, Silvija in Portland, OR.
In 2014, Taya started a second line, Stowaway Jewelry. Stowaway was born from a passion for natural, raw gemstones and a desire to design a line featuring unique beads and gemstones that is affordable for every jewelry lover!